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Since 1989 the Founding board members have been socially responsible investors on a personal and corporate level.

In 2018, in accordance with our 5 year business plan, IA Capital is submitting an application to the US Treasury to become a certified community development financial institution. That will allow us to make loans to support many more community development projects that contribute to building healthier communities across the country. Combined with your participation, our Fund can provide patient, flexible capital to our borrowers, making an immense difference in the communities we serve.

Read More about IA Capital’s Community Reinvestment Fund HERE

Becoming a certified Community Development Financial Institute


December 2017 –  IA Capital can help you take your career to the next level – Now you can earn Certifications and full Masters Degrees online from the worlds top learning institutions to help advance your career through IA Capital. Learn more HERE

Oct 2017 – IA Capital to release 5-Game-Changing Programs for the communities we serve

These programs will have a tremendous impact in the communities we serve, addressing issues such as Education Advancement, Affordable Housing, Food initiatives and Community Re-development

  1. IA Capital Scholarship Fund

  2. IA Capital Down Payment Assistance Fund

  3. IA Capital Community Reinvestment Fund

  4. IA Capital Legacy Fund

  5. IA Capital Community Garden Program

August 2017 – IA Capital releases  a report  “The Next 5 Years 2017 – 2021” ..detailing the direction of the company…read more

June 2017 – IA Capital expands to a NYC office located at 445 Park Ave…read more 

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