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IA Capital on "Addressing the Elephant in the Room"

Our Mission has been well crafted to address a variety of large economic concerns impacting millions of people and communities across this country.

IA Capital’s Mission

IA Capital’s Mission is to foster Economic Development through the delivery of responsible financial services and products geared toward helping disenfranchised and low-income people so they can rejoin the economic mainstream.



The Objective

The Objective is to offer capacity-building support to the Organizations, Businesses and the People we serve. We achieve this by focusing our attention at the community level with a defined objective of providing economic support in an effort to spark job growth and retention within a community. Our resources support Education (pre & postgraduate studies as well as continuing adult education), Job & Skills TrainingFinancial Products and Services, programs to assist Local Business Development and Growth and Subsidized Housing for Homeless Veterans, the Elderly and or Battered Women and children escaping Domestic Violence, with the goal of having a direct impact to change lives and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Our Vision is, by investing in these underserved communities, providing supportive services that are lacking, and resources to stimulate commerce, we can have a direct effect on the transformation of lives and places primarily made up of low to moderate-income residents. We look to stimulate and revitalize, through Economic Development, disenfranchised communities across the US with a focus on the people, the businesses an the Non-profits that operate there.


For Individuals:
We provide Financial Consulting; Programs and Products that address; Credit Repair, Accessing new Credit resources and First Time Home Buyer education and assistance. Additionally, we make available access to Low-Interest Loans, Low-Income Housing Subsidies, Educational Scholarships, Grants and Subsidies toward both Basic and Advanced, Pre, Postgraduate and Continuing Education Studies in an effort to increase individual skill sets and knowledge base, thereby expanding their employment options and financial stability.


For Businesses:
Whether you’re a Micro-Enterprises, New or Existing Small Businesses or Entrepreneurial Start-Ups; we provide access to products and services such as Working Capital, Online Education, Scholarships & Grants focused on Educational Advancement, Efficiency, and Growth, as well as Small Business Consulting Services and a variety of Lending alternatives.

For Non-Profits:
We look to support Non-Profit Organizations that focus on Community Development through Education, Job Training and Placement, Living Healthy Lifestyles or Affordable Housing. These sectors continue to remain underserved by mainstream commercial banks, lenders and financial institutions in many low-income markets across the United States. We believe the services and programs we support build the foundation for sustainability in low to moderate income communities, making our economy—and our nation—stronger, one opportunity at a time.

At IA Capital we have always known that to be effective we must evolve to respond to the changing needs of our constituents and the changing world in which we live. Specifically, we consider the ways in which powerful regional, national and global trends intersect with community development strategies that are intended to create meaningful and wide-scale economic and social opportunities for low-income people. Our observations, questions, and answers help shape our vision, our goals, and strategy.

IA Capital's Strategic Plan (2017 - 2021)
Application Download (PDF)


Moving Forward….we'll focus on 5 pillars that will challenge our staff, volunteers and donors over the next 5 years.

1. Bring new capital to underserved communities
Create partnerships and tools which increase access to cost-effective, market-rate commercial capital, including lines of credit from mainstream financial institutions and investments from public sector pension funds, insurance companies, and socially responsible mutual funds.

2. Expand our core programs to meet the changing needs of undeserved markets
Invest where other financial institutions will not and create financing initiatives that bridge gaps between key players in the areas that affect healthy communities, reducing the silos in which these players often operate. 

3. Expand our leadership role in the effort to build healthy communities
Work with civic, government, community-based and private sector partners and stakeholders to create and preserve resources for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization and to advance initiatives that have the potential to transform our communities.

4. Maintain organizational self-sufficiency, and strengthen staff and systems
Sustain 100% organizational self-sufficiency and invest in the staff, infrastructure, and technology needed to achieve our goals.

5. Measure our social impact, and use learning to guide program iteration and innovation
Maintain an impact measurement system that asks questions which will generate actionable answers and use our learning’s as tools to inform program evaluation and iteration, to support our policy work, and to guide our innovation of new products, programs, and services for the communities we serve.

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