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Our Members Care About Their Communities

IA-Café is owned and operated by Interactive America, Inc, a 501c3


  • 24/7 web access to our quality, collaborative workspace, and the opportunity to create in a productive, peaceful atmosphere.

  • IA-Café Members also have full access to our Digital Library. (e-books, CBT courses, software, events, discounts on all IA-Store merchandise and more…)

  • Find a spot, break out your tools, and get inspired.

  • IA-Café Membership is a perfect solution for those who are ready to stop working in the house.

  • IA-Cafe is a professional, multi-purpose space to meet clients and customers.

  • Healthy Lifestyles, Juice Bar Coffee Shop Membership Access.

  • Your IA-Café Membership includes four hours per month of conference room time, and you can purchase additional time at a discounted member rate

  • Yearly Subscription $7.99 Per Month.

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