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Revenue Financing

Working Capital through a program based on your business
revenue, not your personal credit.

Revenue is defined as bank deposits,
credit card sales, ACH income, etc

Every business is different and we take that into consideration when underwriting your terms. The amount of funding we can offer you, the rate, and your payment frequency will all be determined by the information you provide on the application.


Credit is not a factor! The money is unsecured. If your business slows down or closes due to no fault of your own – your personal assets, including your home, are safe. It is NOT a loan.  Therefore, it does not show up on your credit report as an outstanding credit obligation and does not hinder your ability to obtain credit down the road.

Revenue Financing:

  • Funding in as Fast as 48 hours

  • Loan Amounts Based on Gross Sales, not Net Profits

  • No personal guarantees required – all underwriting decisions are based on the financial health of a business and its ability to repay

  • Amortized interest rates that reduce borrowing costs by as much as 85% – no pre-payment penalty

  • Some of our financing options only charge interest on the amount currently owed – so as you pay it back, you pay less interest

  • Low Daily/Weekly Remittance in Lieu of High Monthly Loan Payment

  • 1st and 2nd positions (stacking)

  • Unlike Standard Bank Loans – Tax Returns are not typically required

  • No UCC filing, in some cases (if this is a concern, please ask during the application process)

  • Loan Amounts as low as $5,000 up to $1 million

  • Credit Scores below 500 still qualify

  • Home/Mobile Based Businesses OK

  • Use the Funds for Any Need:  Franchise Fees – Working Capital – Inventory – Payroll – Build-Out – Equipment Purchase – Advertising – Legal Fees

Small business advisors are available for potential and existing business owners and provide one-on-one personalized guidance and support. Clients range from prospective entrepreneurs in the exploratory phase seeking to determine the validity of business ideas and feasibility to seasoned pros looking to expand or analyze current business practices.

We assist members & clients with a wide range of activities to meet their needs. This may include business plan creation and editing, marketing plans, loan application preparation, and other business development activities.

General Qualifications, Rates, & Terms

(as July 2018)

(subject to change without notice)

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