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Economic Development

"that makes a difference"

We were not born of privilege, rather we come from humble beginnings.

We were molded and influenced by a generation that took up arms to protect the rights, liberties, and freedom we as people and  a nation enjoy today.

At our core, we are instilled with the values, morals, and wisdom passed down from what’s known as…”the Greatest Generation”

IA Capital, Inc was created to support disenfranchised communities across the United States. As part of our business plan, “The Next 5-years (2023- 2028),” we are committed to exponentially raising and providing the resources necessary for Non-Profits, Individuals, and Businesses aligned with our Corporate goals to thrive. By doing so, we’re paving the way to a better, stronger future in low-income and underserved communities. By reaching out directly to community support agencies, Nonprofits, families, and the next generation of business owners with affordable financial products and services, as well as resources to address other immediate crises, we can better meet the unique needs of those economically underserved and often overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

IA Capital, Inc was founded by a group of individuals that stand firmly at the intersection of expertise and community values, bridging gaps between people and places to build a better world. Over the years, we have evolved in capacity and knowledge, but our vision remains unchanged.

“See How Each Benefit From The Work We Do”

UPDATE: (click here for more)

Since 1989, our Founding board members have been socially responsible investors on a personal and corporate level. In 2018, in accordance with our 5-year business plan, IA Capital is submitting an application to the US Treasury to become a Certified Community Development Financial Institution, joining a nation-wide network of specialized financial institutions serving economically distressed communities and low-income people.

CDFI Certification is the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s recognition of specialized financial institutions serving low-income communities. As a US Treasury CDFI, we will be able to make loans to support many more community development projects that contribute toward building healthier communities across the country. Combined with your participation, our organization can provide patient, flexible capital to our borrowers, making an immense difference in the communities we serve. We invite you to further explore our website and JOIN us on this journey.

in memory of…

"Karl Walker"

Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group

“Aron Tacher"

7th Battalion Sharp Shooter

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