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Why Donate?

"because we've seen first hand how even the smallest contribution matters...you can change a life, possibly even save a life."

Consider contributing to those whose lives are filled with uncertainty; some wondering where they’ll sleep tonight, others wondering when will they eat another meal, while others wonder if the daily struggle is even still worth it.

Even though the smallest donation, you’re helping us to help those in need and to transform lives.


  • Helping to make sure these Children have a roof over their head and a meal to eat

  • Helping to provide transportation to those in need of gaining access to proper Healthcare

  • Helping the underprivileged to access Educational tools to further develop the necessary skills it takes to compete in today’s job market

  • Helping to build and run Affordable Housing alternatives

  • Helping to support Healthy Lifestyles

* 100% of all donations received are donated directly to the nonprofits we support.

All donations are entitled to receive a tax-deductible receipt in the amount of your full contribution.

Help a Homeless Veteran get to a local VA hospital to receive medical care by donating $3.33 per day for 30 days, covering the cost of 1 Month Bus Pass (transportation)

Help a homeless Veteran and or Family transitioning from living on the street into clean & safe rental housing by donating $16.66 per day for 30 days, covering 1 months rent

Help Prevent Domestic Violence – Your donation of $22.22 per day for 90 days, helps a Mom & 2 Children escape Domestic Violence & Relocate to safe and supportive transitional housing, covering 3 Months of their rent.

Help a family escape the cycle of Domestic Violence, Homelessness or Facing Foreclosure – Donate $27.77 per day for 180 days,  covering 6-months of Food, Shelter, Housing Support & Counseling.

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