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Our parent company Interactive America, Inc was established nearly 20 years, Interactive America Inc. has been committed to building communities by providing housing for homeless veterans, a shelter for battered women, affordable living for seniors, and a safety net for youth. We do this by renovating buildings in metropolitan cities across the United States and by providing training for reintegration into our workforce with resources raised through a multitude of membership opportunities and direct business relationships.

Interactive America provides a 5-step program aiming for full re-integration into society:

1. Housing and Stability

2. On the Job training

3. Economic training to ensure day-to-day successful home economics

4. Healthy Lifestyle that supports working

5. Independent Life with a full-time job and home

IA- Community Development

Veterans Village

 Veterans make up 8% of the homeless population in the U.S. We offer a home to those who have protected ours. Veterans often find themselves battling loneliness and depression years after returning home. IA is committed to standing with those who stood up for us.


Community Development Financial Institute 

We are the private sector’s means for contributing to economic development success. Our unique structure allows us to work closely with state, regional, and corporate and local organizations.

IA -Families 

Love Never Leaves Bruises, Bloody Lips, or Broken Bones

Our extensive approach to assisting victims of domestic violence includes confidential emergency and transitional shelters where victims and their children can stay safe while we assist them with the steps toward recovery and independent living.



We are committed to providing healthy lifestyles alternatives to community residents consisting of eating the right foods, staying away from toxic substances and exercising on a consistent basis.

IA-Technology Center

Online Job Training

We’re committed to top-quality training no matter where you are. Take advantage of one of our many online training resources or request group training and we’ll come to you.


Members and Partners

Through our Community Partner Program, We provide specialized assistance to our partners and members wanting to improve their competitive edge.

We are always Questioning

What are we doing to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work?

Who benefits from our products, from our services, and from our policy work?

How well are we achieving our goals and the goals of our partners and stakeholders?

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