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Work Shops, Classes and Training’s

Whether you want to learn a new Trade or advance your skills within your current job, our Member Partners provide the training.

Interactive America, inc

There’s no denying that combat Veterans have a different perspective and broader definition than most when it comes to the topic of helping others. These heroes have seen things and done more for America then we as a society can ever repay. That is one of the reasons why we support organizations like Interactive America, Inc, a Non-for Profit incorporated in the year 2000 by one such combat Veteran. Supporting them is our way of giving back and saying “thank you” to the often “thankless”.

Interactive America, Inc is a multi-faceted organization that, like the military, has many moving parts and divisions, and when all working together produce outstanding results. One of the training programs they offer provides the skills and training that allow one to learn a Trade that can be used in everyday life as either an employee for a contracting company or to start your own business. Interactive America makes available free training to Veterans who’ve returned home with skills that do not always line up with a civilian life or business.

It’s Estimated that some 30 million jobs in the United States pay an average of $55,000 per year and don’t require bachelor’s degree. Seventy-percent of construction companies nationwide are having trouble finding qualified workers, according to the Associated General Contractors of America; ..read more here.

One of the most popular training courses offered by Interactive America is First Responder Disaster Training. We all have heard the term first responder but few actually know what it takes to become one.

First responders are people with specialized training who are among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. We usually don’t put too much thought into those people who show up when a disaster strikes, we just know they show up and they do whatever it takes to help restore a community and help those in need. When we think of first responders, we typically think paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and firefighters, but for every one of them there a hundred others of “unknown skilled support personnel” that also show up. Most of the individuals are in fact veterans, or military trained men and women who’ve returned home. For many men and women of our Armed Forces, the desire to serve their country and fellow man does not diminish once they take off the uniform. They do not get metals, pay or even notoriety for doing this work, they do it because it’s who they are at there core. Someone has to train these first responders so they are certified and able to do the job required.









First Responder Disaster Training is only one of the programs Interactive America offers. This program includes the Technical, Regulatory and Hands-on Experience needed to become an OSHA certified First Responder. Once certified you can volunteer as a first responder when disaster strikes, however, you also walk away with knowledge, skills, abilities & training which can be used for personal gains in everyday life and in business.

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IA Technology Center

Through our member Partner IA Technology Center we make available both workshops and classes all geared toward education, skills training, and career advancement needs. Here you can learn online, at your own pace, in the time you have available. You’ll find a variety of classes, workshops, programs, and certifications covering a variety of fields;

  • Information Technology

  • Medical

  • Project Management

  • Engineering

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Managerial Skill Building

There are hundreds of Career Advancement Classes geared toward advancing your education and opportunities, allowing you gain a competitive advantage ion today working world. You can explore Certifications from Beginner to Advanced. It is a well-known fact that obtaining Certified Skills are proven to build up a resume and could help land you the job of your dreams. Classes & Certifications are available one at a time from the words top learning Institutions, (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc)   …  “read more

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