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IA Capital Community Re-Investment Fund

The Purpose

The purpose of the IAC Community Re-Investment Fund is to meet the credit needs of organizations and communities traditionally denied access to capital. The Loan Fund has been the core provider of capital to the economically disenfranchised communities we serve. We provide innovative, flexible loan capital that is scarce or simply not available from conventional sources in the communities in which we work. In recent years, as credit markets tightened, our fund has continued to play a critical role in financing the community-based projects and facilities that enhance and stabilize fragile communities in a time of economic uncertainty. These activities provide employment and services to low-income residents, improve community health, and create long-term opportunities for these communities and the people who live there.

Our Lending Programs:

Following our belief that a healthy community has access to a diverse range of products and services, we lend to a wide variety of institutions providing a range of services that benefit low-income individuals and families.

Our lending supports:

Our Loan Product:

The hallmark of our loan product is our ability to provide patient, flexible, and targeted capital to developers of transitional and affordable housing which we classify as high impact projects. Our lending solutions are customized to the needs of the borrower who is often a non-profit in need of additional funding to fund a program or complete a project. This can include a range of options:

  • Pre-development Financing

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Construction Financing

  • Permanent Financing

  • NMTC Leverage Lending

  • State Tax Credit Intermediary Lending

  • Bridge Financing or Permanent take-out loans


IA Capital’s Community Re-Investment Fund is exclusively to help support underserved and disenfranchised communities across the United States. The Fund has no geographic restrictions or limits, as there are communities in need of re-investment from New York to the shores of California.

Our Goals & Impact:

In 2018, the IA Capital Community Re-Investment Fund is targeting over $50 million toward specific Community Re-Investment projects, enhancing the lives of low-income individuals, families, and local businesses. Projects on the table in review by our loan committee include:

  • 1,900 units of quality Affordable Housing

  • Child Care Facilities providing for Abandoned Children

  • Health Care facilities providing Comprehensive Care to Homeless Veterans

  • Education Youth Programs serving over low-income students across the nation

  • Commercial Real Estate which includes Community Facilities that provide a sanctuary for those in need and to help stabilize distressed communities

  • Affordable housing for seniors

UPDATE: Since 1989 the Founding board members have been socially responsible investors on a personal and corporate level. In 2017, in accordance with our business plan, we released a document entitled “The Next 5-years (2017 – 2021)”. As part of the 5-year plan, IA Capital is submitting an application to the US Treasury to become a certified community development financial institution. Once approved that will allow us to make loans to support many more community development projects that contribute to building healthier and stronger communities. Combined with your participation, our Fund can provide patient, flexible capital to our borrowers, making an immense difference in the communities we serve. If our causes above are in line with your philanthropic goals, please consider donating HERE…..every penny helps.

Small business advisors are available for potential and existing business owners and provide one-on-one personalized guidance and support. Clients range from prospective entrepreneurs in the exploratory phase seeking to determine the validity of business ideas and feasibility to seasoned pros looking to expand or analyze current business practices.

We assist members & clients with a wide range of activities to meet their needs. This may include business plan creation and editing, marketing plans, loan application preparation, and other business development activities.

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