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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

We support affordable housing development companies committed to building and sustaining high-quality housing for low- to moderate-income families, senior’s, Veterans and special needs populations.

Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable by that section of society whose income is below the median household income. We believe that everyone deserves safe, affordable housing – regardless of income, age or ability. Backed by our in-depth knowledge of both housing development and finance, we help utilize low-income housing tax credits to make their visions for high-quality housing a reality.

If you or someone you know is in need of affordable housing, below are services we can assist with

  • Rent-to-own Programs
  • No Money Down Home Loan
  • Down Payment Assistance Program
  • Down Payment Grant Resource
  • Down Payment Charitable Resources
  • First Time Home Buyer Programs
  • Home Buyer Education Classes
  • Comprehensive Credit Repair

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