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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations are one of the key pillars to any undeserved community.

We support those organizations whose goals and visions align with those of our own.


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
                                                                             “Malcolm X”


  • Continuing Education

  • Job Skills Training

Financial Counseling & Assistance

“We believe knowledge is the key to making better decisions”

Whether it’s balancing a budget, planning to buy a car or a home for your family, knowledge allows you to make better decisions. We offer effective financial education and counseling services to individuals who want to plan ahead, reduce stress caused by financial concerns, improve their lives and plan for purchases such as buying a home.  We believe that if we can instill knowledge, that will lead to better decisions, better decisions lead to better results, results in a positive behavioral change for financial empowerment. By increasing the financial knowledge and decision-making capabilities of individuals, they learn to develop monthly budgets to best plan ahead & finance purchases such a car, home or other major purchase, in addition to reducing debt, improving credit scores and improve their financial stability by building savings for short- and long-term goals.

Investment in Communities

We support organizations that meet the demand for Affordable Housing, Jobs Creation, Promoting the Arts, Culture & Healthy Lifestyles in economically distressed communities.

Healthy Lifestyles Initiative

Many Americans in low-income neighborhoods lack access to healthy food options. We support organizations and businesses that provide healthy food options in underserved communities who are often the single source of fresh produce or organic products for an entire neighborhood, a vital resource to which IA Capital is committed.

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